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13377x is a torrent site that helps to download Hindi movies HD. Actually 13377x is a search engine. Which helps to search & download movies. Starting time, the domain was “1337x“. But later changed to “13377x” due to piracy issues. These types of torrent websites are facing some problems.


Are you looking for a Hindi movie download site?. 1337x search engine is the best way to download Bollywood movies. Because of the site structure and availability of movies. There are many movie downloading websites available now. But most of them are fake and irrelevant sites.

In this post, I am sharing some useful information & links about the 13377x movie download site. So watch till the end.

13377x search engine

As mentioned above, 13377x is a search engine. Which allows downloading the latest Hindi movies. This website mainly provides Hindi movies. If you want old & latest movies, then go to 13377x for downloading the latest Bollywood movies.

Before downloading any movies you must know, 1337x is an illegal site. The use of piracy sites is a punishable offense in India. So use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems caused by the use of this site.

Specification of 13377x search engine

  1. It is a user-friendly design that works on all devices.
  2. Fastest downloading because of torrent site.
  3. Easily manageable website for everyone.
  4. Latest & old movies available.

13377x movie

1337x is a very basic website that has been running for several years. This website has about 5 lakh visitors every month. You can download several things through the 13377x website.

Do you know?. You can download the below-listed items through 1337x.

  • Latest Movies
  • TV shows
  • Songs
  • Games & Apps
  • Cracked files
  • Softwares
  • Other

Totally this is a search engine like google. You can search & download anything. With the help of the BitTorrent protocol, we can download any torrent files. The reason behind blocking 13377x proxy is that it has the potential for abuse in downloading copyrighted videos.

Downloading and using copyrighted videos for free is illegal. All videos have an owner. It could be an individual or a company. We have no right to use other’s videos without their permission. And any video has a creative commons license, that can use anyone from anywhere. 2100+ best PUBG name for boys & girls.

1337x movie downloading website is blocked in India because of the piracy issues. And the informations and details of the 13377x site are listed below.

Website Name13377x
New URL 1887x

13377x movies library

There are many new and old movies in the 13377x movie library. In addition, new movies are uploaded to this site as soon as they arrive. You can download movies from the 13377x Hindi movie download folder. Many people watch at least one movie every day. So this Hindi movie download free site will help you.

Let’s check some latest uploaded movies on 1337x proxy. These are the latest movies that have been uploaded at the time of writing this post. So when you read this, there will be more new movies coming out.

  • Angrezi Medium
  • Most Common Budbak
  • Baaghi 3
  • Guns Of Banaras
  • Kehta Hai Yeh Dil
  • Thappad
  • Swarg Ashram
  • Haunted Hills
  • The Hundred Bucks
  • Love Aaj Kal
  • Hacked
  • Malang

How to download movies from 1337x search engine

If you want to download movies from the 1337x search engine, then please follow these steps.

  1. Open 13377x proxy site.
  2. Enter which movies you want in the 13377x com search bar.
  3. Click on the required file.
  4. Select the P2P transfer you need. Then wait to start downloading or click the download button.

If you can’t download it, please search “How to download movies from 13377x proxy sites” on Youtube or Google. VPN must be installed before opening the 13377x site.

13377x Hindi movie download

13377x movie download 2020 is the best wat to download Hindi movies for free. Hindi is the national language of India. Though India has more than 27 languages, Hindi is the most spoken language. There is good demand for Hindi films in India and outside India.

This 1337x proxy sites can be used as Hindi movie downloader. Almost all old & new Hindi movies are available in the 1337x application. And this search engine also using to download apps & other files.

How to change the 13377x unblock status

All are known 13377x io is a blocked site because of the pirate issue. However, we have access to this site through VPN apps. We can also access this website by proxy. Now you may be thinking, What is proxy?. How to unblock 13377x site?. Proxy is an old method for changing 13377x unblock status. And that requires skills and technical knowledge. So everyone uses VPN applications.

If you are using safari, chrome, or Mozilla then a lot of VPN (Virtual Private Network) extensions are available. Or if you are using a smartphone device, then lots of applications are available. Below are a few VPN apps that are useful for smartphone users. 300+ girls WhatsApp group link collections.

Top 3 free VPN Applications

Are you a smartphone user?. If your answer is yes, then these apps are for you.

  1. Turbo VPN
    Turbo VPN is a 100% free and fastest VPN application. It is a 4.5 star rated application in play store. And this app having 100M active users from worldwide. Turbo VPN will help you to unblock all blocked sites.
  2. Touch VPN
    It is also an android application which helps to unblock the 13377x search engine. This 4.4 rated touch VPN app has 10M+ install from the play store. And this app is fully free and secure.
  3. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN
    Hotspot shield is a trusted application. This app provides a trustworthy and secure connection between you and the targeted website. So anyone can’t track you. And this app offers VPN coverage in 80+ countries. This 4.1 rated app has 100M+ active users.

13377x proxy site list / New domains

Here 13377x using different domain extensions like 13377x .com, 13377x.to proxy, 1337x to, 13377x io, and 13377x com. And they change their domain frequently. Because of the pirate issue.

Almost all 13377x proxy sites are banned in India. So before opening kindly install and activate a VPN service. And here we listed some working 3377x proxy site domains. What are you waiting for?. Click and watch a movie now.

If this doesn’t work, just search “13377x” on Google and the site’s new link will appear.

Advantages of 13377x com

13377x com is a torrent site. So it has a lot of features. Speed ​​is higher for torrent sites compared to non-torrent sites. As a result, most people now rely on torrent sites to download movies. Haven’t you used a torrent site yet?. You should try using it at least once. Then you will understand the speed of the site. Keep in mind, we never promote torrent sites. Use this site on your rusk. We are not responsible for what you do or happen.

Some of the more important features are listed below. If you know anything else, please comment below.

  1. Torrent sites are end-to-end encryption. Therefore the police can’t track you.
  2. If you choose 13377x to movies it will allow you to download movies fastly.
  3. Don’t worry though, the net is gone before the full download. Because when it comes online, it will automatically resume.
  4. Even if you close the window, the file will be downloaded in the background.
  5. 13377x .com has thousands of movie collections in several languages.
  6. Simple UI helps you to download movies easily.

1337x’s alternatives

There are many movie downloading sites available now. And new sites are coming up every day. Most of these are unauthorized sites. That is unauthorized sites are offering all movies for free. So these types of sites are illegal. Because they providing others content without permission.

If you want to download latest Hindi movies legally. If so lots of authorized sites are available like Hotstar and Netflix. Some authorized sites are listed below. Best Tamil movie download sites.

  • MX player
  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime video
  • Sony Live

The above listed authorized sites, that work through monthly subscription. So a poor man can’t afford this money. Because of this, many people are looking for sites. Here is the relevance of unauthorized websites. Unauthorized websites where you can download new Hindi movies for free are given below.

How to earn money from the 1337x proxy site?.

You’d think this is true. If so, Yes it is true. You can make money from the 1337x website. Everyone loves to make money. That is why we often go for money. Many of us believe that money is everything. But it’s really stupid. Because money gives glory but does not give love.

Lat’s check, How to make money from the 1337x website?. They pay us for uploading movies or files. That is you can see a “register” button on 1337x website. After registering there will appear an “upload” button. Then you can upload movies, Files or anything they accept.

If any person downloads your files then you will get money. You only upload your content. Otherwise, it will be considered copyright content. Uploading and using copyrighted contents is an offense in India. Therefore try to upload your own contents.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

What is 1337x website?
1337x proxy is a Hindi movie downloading website. However, you can download Apps, games, software, and TV shows. So Let’s call it an allrounder. Keep in mind, It is a torrent website.

How to get the newest link of the 13377x search engine?.
It’s very simple. Just search on google “1337x” on google. Then you can find the latest link on google search results.

Why should I use the 1337x proxy website?
If you want to download latest Bollywood movies, then this is the best option for you. And this is a torrent site. So you can download movies very quickly. 1337x’s fastest server and the end to end encryption gives you more security.

How to unblock 1337x website?
There are two ways to unblock the 1337x website. The first one is VPN services. Use any VPN application or extensions to change your IP address. The second one is the proxy method. It is an old and difficult method. So only an expert can do this. The VPN service is the only one that everyone can use.


This post does not promote any piracy website. Similarly, it is not advisable to use piracy sites. The promotion of piracy content is banned in India. We have no right to use other’s property. Kindly try to use authorized websites. Maybe if you use piracy sites. We are not responsible for anything. So use it at your own risk.


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