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corona virus

Corona virus is the problem of every country. Because this virus broken china’s economy. Our country is in crisis now. It is the responsibility of every citizen to survive the virus. We can’t pass it on to someone else because of us.

This is the situation Corona has confirmed in many places in Kerala. That is why there are so many fake news outlets. Social media has become a place where anything can be written. It can be difficult to know which is the best news for us. So you can use the Official App of Kerala Government. You will only get the right information on this.

“No one is afraid, Be cautious”

Corona Virus

The coronavirus, also known as covid 19, is spreading across the globe. It is a virus that is transmitted from humans to humans. With care and caution, we can quickly eliminate this. We have to agree with the government and the health department. Don’t stay together, wash hands, wear a mask, If you notice any symptoms, inform your doctor. Make sure that each one of us complies with these.

Government of Kerala Application

This is an official application of the government of Kerala. You can get all corona related news & information on time. Then you can block fake news by using this app.

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