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Fact Checking Policy

We at “News Log” are concerned with word choice, headlines, and URLs. We recognize the power of words and take appropriate action. Writers employed by Interesting Engineering are required to constantly confirm the data they collect and record. This includes uniquely identifiable data like names, addresses, factual assertions, and content-related accounts.

Our writers independently verify facts, applying their own discretion and due diligence while adhering to our code of ethics. If necessary, Interesting Engineering is prepared to employ fact-checkers both internally and on the internet as part of the editorial team. Within our organization, we are dedicated to nonpartisanship, openness to legitimate criticism and corrections, and transparency regarding funding sources and allocations. Before posting the information online, we confirm it with all relevant parties.

When we receive a claim about fact-checking on News Log, we get in touch with the original source to request more details and evidence. In addition, we conduct literature research on the topic and reach out to people and organizations that may have additional information or relevant experience regarding the matter at hand. This includes news articles, books, journal articles from scientific and medical journals, transcripts of interviews, and statistical sources.

Whenever possible, we try to rely on impartial information and data sources that are accessible to people on par with us. We also advise our readers to exercise caution when evaluating information and data from sources like political advocacy groups and sided parties.

Other editorial staff members may conduct additional research and make changes to the writers’ work, depending on the nature and complexity of the subject. Our editors will then review the finished product. Before being published, any work that one or more editors feel does not meet our standards will be subject to additional review and revision. To keep readers informed, all changes must be appropriately disclosed in the content.

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