Top 50+ free Hindi movie download sites

Free Hindi movie download sites:- Millions of people are searching for “Hindi movie download” on google. But most people don’t get the exact result. Here we listed the best Hindi movie download sites like filmyvilla. We assure you, through this post, you will know where to download Hindi movies.

free Hindi movie download

Hindi is India’s mother though. There are many movies coming out every month. As it is the most spoken language in India, the films get good audience support. So most of the Hindi films are gaining huge collections. This is one of the reasons for making new films. And the Hindi Film Industry is different from other film industries. Because they have actors and directors with different thinks and skills.

Let’s get to the topic. There are two ways you can mainly download movies. The first one is the legal methods. That is you can download Hindi movies legally. In this case, you want a minimum subscription fee to download movies. It mainly depends on which site or app you use. And the second one is the illegal method. That is you can download Hindi movies for free without any fee. Both cases examples & details are given below.

Free Hindi movie download

Now, most of the people are not going to the theater. Because these TVs provide a better experience than the theater and you can see when you like. Similarly, unauthorized movie downloading sites are a threat to theater owners & movie makers.

In my opinion, Minimise your use of unauthorized websites. Then support the film industry by using authorized sites. Because if you want new movies to be born, you should support filmmakers.

Top legal HD Hindi movie download sites

Here lots of Hindi movie downloading sites are available like 13377x. Top 6 legal HD Hindi movie download sites are listed below. All of these sites are work under the monthly or yearly subscription base. So this is not fully free. But you can get a free trial period on these sites. The trial period is 1 month to 5 months depending on which site you use.

This legal movie downloading sites are fully government approved. So we assure you, you should have no problem using authorized sites like this.

What is the benefit of using legitimate sites?.

This is a doubt in everyone’s mind. If we take a paid membership from sites like this, is there benefits?. In a word, yes. Let us see what are the benefits of using such sites.

  1. You can watch the original content.
  2. High-quality video.
  3. Almost all video formats available.
  4. Fastest downloading.
  5. Easy interface.
  6. Full details and info about what you see.
  7. No piracy problems.

List of free Hindi movie download sites

3MX Player
5Amazon Prime Video



YouTube is a video streaming platform under Google. The world’s second-largest search engine, Youtube has millions of viewers every day. YouTube is the lifeblood of many people. There are billions of creators along with billions of viewers. You can download many Hindi movies on youtube.

Thousand of Hindi movies are available on youtube. So you can download and watch your favorite movies for free. There is no direct download option on youtube. However, You can download latest Hindi movies by using third party apps or websites like Vidmate. Easy interface, huge server, and the great search option is the main highlight of youtube.

Here both youtube app and website is available. And both are the same function and specifications. The website mainly focusing on laptop or computer users. And the application for mobile & tablet users.


free Hindi movie download

Netflix is ​​an American entertainment company co-founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997. And is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California. The company focuses on DVD, online, or streaming video-on-demand services via mail. In 2013, Netflix expanded into filmmaking, telefilm making, and online distribution.

Netflix had over 150M paid subscriptions worldwide. Including 65% in the united states. Netflix work as a Hindi movie download latest site

MX Player


MX player is a video streaming website and video player application. This video player developed by South Korean company J2 Interactive. Userfriendly design and different languages are the main features of the MX player.

4.4 star rated application has 8 million active users. Initially MX player was a video player. According to reports, the times’ group purchased MX player for $140 million and they converted to video streaming app.



Hotstar is an Indian Vidoe streaming website headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. And it is a subsidiary of star India private limited. Hotstar featuring Sports, Tv shows, Web series, and Hindi movie download in HD.

This private company launched in 2015. And it is now streaming world number one TV series HBO and Showtime. And Hotstar having rights on Sports like IPL. We can see anything on Hotstar through subscription base. Hotstar having two tire subscription base. That is the normal and premium Subscription plan. Normal for Sports and local movies. And premium for international television series and for movies.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video

Amazon prime video working under amazon compony. Everyone knows about amazon it is the world’s largest e-commerce website. As well as India’s most growing company. Amazon prime video is another video streaming platform headquartered in Washington, America. And it has millions of active users.

You can download unlimited movies through amazon prime video through a monthly or yearly membership. Amazon charges cash money for its services.

This video service is running in different countries like the UK, US, Germany, Sweden, And India,…etc. And this website provides its contents through only paid membership in all countries. And You can download the latest Hindi movies, documentaries, tv serials from amazon prime video.

Top 50+ Unauthorized free Hindi movie download sites

Firstly, Unauthorized websites are illegal. We are not preferring these sites to download movies. You can use unauthorized websites at your own risk.

You can download old Hindi movies from these websites. Also, the latest released Hindi & other languages movies. If you looking for a good Hindi movie downloading site, then check below listed 50+ sites.

How to download Hindi movies?.

Movie downloading is a simple process. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can easily download Hindi movies. Try using the VPN app when downloading movies from unauthorized websites. Otherwise, the website may not open. Because most of the authorized websites are banned in India. Due to copyright and pirate issues.

What is VPN?. VPN is the short form of a virtual private network. You can change your IP address by using a VPN. This means suppose this website is banned in India. Then this website cannot be used on Indian IP addresses. But you can use this website through changing IP addresses to other countries.

Guys, you can use the above listed site for free Hindi movie download. Because all websites are personally reviewed sites. And you can get most of the old & new Hindi movies on time. So you don’t have to go elsewhere for movies.

Which types of movies are available?.

These websites are providing the latest and old Hindi movies. You can download Hindi full movie by using these websites. Also, you can do free Hindi movie download in HD quality like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The movie size will increase according to the video quality.

Keep in mind, above listed all sites are Hindi movie download best sites. If you know any other free Hindi movie download sites, please comment below.

Tips to download movies from illegal sites

Millions of people download movies from illegal websites every day. So don’t worry about being caught by the police. However, be aware of this when downloading movies from illegal sites.

  • Try to use public wi-fi networks.
  • Always use a VPN app or extensions.
  • Use the website that most people use.
  • Don’t provide your original details anywhere.
  • Keep your personal information safe.

These little things can do you some great things. So try to follow these tips before using free Hindi movie download.


This post is not a website promotion. We do not promote pirated websites. Pirated websites are banned in India. So try to use authorized websites like Netflix & Hotstar.

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