How to increase your Internet speed.

This is a frequent question asked by internet users on mobile. Internet speed is one thing that depends on the signal strength, your phone model and the Maximum bandwidth provided by the service provider. However, to some extent we can increase the internet speed by changing some settings of the phone. For those struggling with low internet speed, try the MySpeed ​​(TRAI) app.

minimum of 50 MB of free internal memory, you can browse the Internet on smartphone f. This is often the reason why the phone hangs when using apps like WhatsApp. So, if possible, transfer all the files (photos, music, video…) and apps to the memory card. To do this you need to hit Settings> Storage> Transfer data to SD card on the new android phones. A free app called App 2 SD is available for transferring data on older phones.

Applications for this are available google play store free of charge on the respective phone’. For example, Android Cleaner is a very good app for clearing cash and boosting RAM on Android phones.

Best Internet Speed test app

  • FAST Speed ​​Test

You can use this app to run speed test on Android devices and PC. It is very easy to use. You get very specific results. You can also check the download speed and upload speed.available for google play store

  • Network master

Network Master is an all-in-one Wi-Fi network tool. You can also test WiFi speeds and learn about online security and Internet speeds. available for google play store

  • Speed ​​Check Light

Speed ​​Check is a lightweight Internet testing tool. This way you can know the download speed and the upload speed. It includes a very simple user interface configuration.


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