what is mbbs full form – mbbs ka full form

what is mbbs full form
what is mbbs full form

what is mbbs full form

what is mbbs full form:- Full from of mbbs is Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. This is two words MB and BS. MB stands for a bachelor of medicine and BS stands for a bachelor of surgery. The full form derived from the Latin language. That is Medicinae Baccalaureus and Baccalaureus Chirurgiae.

Here mbbs is a professional degree awarded by medical colleges or Universities. This undergraduate degree offering more jobs and future. A person holding the mbbs degree, who becomes a certified medical practitioner.

About MBBS

mbbs is a five-year Undergraduate degree course. It offering Huge jobe opportunities and an exciting salary. As now, mbbs is a Dream of someones. To get good college admission you need to pass NEET examination or other college exams.

mbbs Fees in India

mbbs fees vary from universities to universities depends on the standard and your rank. The average mbbs fee is INR 75000 – 25 Lacks per anum.

mbbs Salary in India

The average salary of an mbbs graduate is 3.2 lacks per Anum. This may vary from individual to individual depends on their skills, ability, and responsibility.

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